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Official honored by UN, World Urban Campaign and published as creative URBAN Solution for "The City, We need" 2050. Urban Thinker's "Top 100" at UN HABITAT 3

World Leaders Forum Dubai - GLOBAL CITIZEN CLUB (THINK & DO TANK ONLINE) CREATIVE NEW SOLUTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE URBAN PLANS 2050 After successful participation of Madame Sabine Balve, Founder and President of the World Leaders Forum Dubai, Global Initiative at the URBAN THINK CAMPUS  “TOP 100 Thinkers” writing the Roadmap for the City, WE need in 2050 organized by UN, World Urban Campaign. More then one year collaboration of her, which supported the success of the UNITED NATION , main conference in Quito, 2016 for UN HABITAT3 . Her Global Citizen Club (Think & do Tank - Online) is official announced as a creative NEW solutions for sustainable urban plans 2050, by the UN, body World Urban Campaign . #TheCityWeNeed - Social Media Campaign engaging #UrbanThinkers towards & beyond #Habitat3 Following the successful engagement of 7847 individuals from 124 countries, representing 2137 organizations through 26 #UrbanThinkers Campuses between July 2015 and February