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Official launch: Global Citizen Campaign “Global Tolerance Faces 2017” - Digital Media Photo Campaign

This is the second Global Campaign launched by World Leaders Forum Dubai - Global Initiative Global Digital Media Campaigner, Madame Sabine Balve 1. Send your greetings to our Global Tolerance Faces 2017 Facebook group by posting your SELFIE here as a greeting from your country, city you live # the name of your city and # the name of your country and add the Hashtag #GlobalToleranceFaces2017 of our global campaign for tolerance and peace 2. Please add your friends, colleagues and neighbors, family to our group and ask them to join and to do the same as our mutual sign for peace and love between all nations, all religions, all skin colors and all ethnic backgrounds, we are celebrating Global Citizenship - many thanks WE love you all and you all matter !! many thanks Global #Tolerance was asked official by His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in November 2016 as a contribution for an understanding and tolerance between all nations.