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About us

Mission A Call to Action for our Global Challenges of our 21st Century Our Global Challenges of our 21st Century: Creating a Community of `EARTH-Ambassadors & CHAMPIONS` for our Planet (thru Awareness and Educational Informations) to promote: The Transition to sustainable ways of living for a global Society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes RESPECT and CARE for the Community of Life, Ecological Integrity, Universal Human Rights, Respect for Diversity, Economic Justice, based on the basics of democracy and a culture of PEACE. The World Leaders Forum Dubai is an (newly created) independent international community - (soon organization) committed to improving the state of the World by engaging political, business, science and other leaders of society to shape agendas for global and regional challenges of our planet, which is on the brink of a sustainable future - for all and World Peace. General Information The Forum is an extraordi